Candy Morgans

Welcome! My name is Candy. My husband, John, and I are recently retired and moved to SE Pennsylvania in June of 2018. This was somewhat of a ‘coming home’ to us because John is originally from a small mining community in Eastern Pennsylvania, and I am originally from a small town north of Pittsburgh, deep within Steeler territory. John is a retired United Methodist Minister after having served churches in Down East Maine, mid-Maine, and Connecticut over a span of 23 years. I spent approximately 46 years in the Healthcare industry, managing outpatient physician practices, both privately and corporately owned in Pittsburgh, Maine, and in Western Massachusetts. This is a second marriage for us and we are blissfully happy and will celebrate our 20th anniversary in May 2020. We boast of our family of 4 adult children, their spouses, and ten of the best grandkids in the world, who are scattered throughout Maine and Pittsburgh. Our hearts are full of love, and we are abundantly blessed.

The primary, and grounding foundation in our lives is serving God, trying to listen to his call every day, sharing love, holding hands with others, and creating deep and meaningful relationships with those in whose lives we find ourselves placed. We try to do all of this, and have a lot of fun along the way.

I decided to try my hand at blogging, after a couple of close friends had suggested it to me a couple of years ago. I dismissed it many times because of the ‘what would I ever write that would interest anyone’ theory. However, just this week, as we all are finding time on our hands because of the Corona Virus pandemic, I have a deep desire to connect with others, and thought that you might have that need as well.

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