The Circus is Coming to Town

One of the things I looked forward to in elementary school was achieving a 5th-grade status. Besides being ‘upper classmen’ of elementary school, one of the privileges was that the entire class would go on a field-trip to Pittsburgh, PA, to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. The bus trip with theContinue reading “The Circus is Coming to Town”

The Bend in The Road

Cartoons were always on my agenda for Saturday morning. I woke up early, sneaked downstairs before anyone was up, pulled the button out to turn on the tv, got a blanket and pillow, and got all comfy on the floor facing the tv. All that was on the tv screen at this hour on SaturdayContinue reading “The Bend in The Road”

The Birthday Retreat

It was my birthday weekend in 1959.  Since my birthday is July 2, I grew up thinking everybody had fireworks on their birthday.  I was to become seven years old, and we had gone to Grandpa’s camp for the long weekend. When I say the word camp, I mean a house in the woods fully suppliedContinue reading “The Birthday Retreat”

Honking and Soaring

I’ve always been fascinated by birds, although my knowledge of them is minimal. Watching them soar in the air is as sometimes freeing as doing it myself. The way the air current lifts them and carries them to and fro and up and down is captivating and so graceful as they are carried. Whether theyContinue reading “Honking and Soaring”

The Little Flashlight

I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house as a small child. I loved their home, which my grandfather built. I can still shut my eyes, walk into their house in my mind, place familiar things, and remember every nook and cranny. Their house was bright and airy with lots of windows, whichContinue reading “The Little Flashlight”

A Point of Grace

Misty, our Shepherd/Husky, unexpectedly joined my family in 1996. She was three weeks old when tragedy struck her. Misty’s mother’s owners were backing down the driveway and accidentally hit her, and she did not survive. Three-week-old Misty was alone and needed a family. My first husband brought her home one evening, unannounced, and undoubtedly unplanned.Continue reading “A Point of Grace”

The Roller Skates

This morning my mind went back to a little house on Beale Avenue in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, where I grew up. I was a six or 7-year-old Candy and was sneaking down the steps one Christmas morning to see if Santa Claus had stopped at our house last night. As I came to the bottom ofContinue reading “The Roller Skates”

I Think I Finally Found My Hallelujah!

Curiously, the chorus of a secular song entitled ‘Good To Be Alive’ by Andy Grammer is resounding and repeating in my head. This song came out about five years ago or so. I don’t listen to the millennial generation music as a rule. After all, I grew up with Motown and oldies! You can’t getContinue reading “I Think I Finally Found My Hallelujah!”