Welcome to my musings on everyday life, the ordinary, and all the goodness that is around us. Blessings!

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The Lady in the Wheelchair

There was a story going around the internet several years ago that stirred my heart. One day, a little boy wanted to meet God. He packed his suitcase, brought a bag of some drinks and cookies then started his journey. He walked a long, long way until he began to get hungry and tired. HeContinue reading “The Lady in the Wheelchair”

Take the Wheel

Our most recent trip to Florida was 2 years ago. My husband John and I love the water, the sun, floating in an inner tube on a Lazy River. As we were disembarking the plane, we were excited about our future endeavor of relaxing before John’s retirement as a United Methodist Minister, and our plansContinue reading “Take the Wheel”

Don’t stick out your tongue!

Summer evenings at camp is always something I think back upon. The peacefulness of being out in nature, away from the city noises and lights. The stars seemed more plentiful and the lightning bugs were everywhere! One evening I remember very vividly. My Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and I had just finished dinner. Summer dinnersContinue reading “Don’t stick out your tongue!”

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