Welcome to my musings on everyday life, the ordinary, and all the goodness that is around us. Blessings!

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The Magnifying Glass

Going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the weekends was something I treasured as a child. They only lived a couple of miles away, but their property was comprised of hills, lots of grass, a fishpond in the backyard fed by a natural spring of cool water, a rock garden tended to by myContinue reading “The Magnifying Glass”

Way Beyond the Blue

Living life way beyond the blue, out of the ordinary, above the chaos, with deep abiding joy and peace.

Stay in the Lines

As a young girl with red, curly hair, I would hold my mother’s hand as we walked down the street. My little legs would scramble twice as fast because my stride was shorter than hers. In my effort to avoid cracks in the sidewalk, our arms would be stretched out as I scampered and dodgedContinue reading “Stay in the Lines”

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