Welcome to my musings on everyday life, the ordinary, and all the goodness that is around us. Blessings!

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The Color Red

As a little girl growing up in a small town, my Grandpa was a big part of my life. He owned an Auto Parts Store and a Marine Store in Leechburg, PA, and everybody knew Bus Crookshank. When I think back on those days of stopping into his store with my mother, the smell ofContinue reading “The Color Red”

The Tar Stain

In 1969, I was 16 years old, and I finally made it into the driving community. It took hard work, a driver’s education class at school, and my parents taking me out almost every day to practice driving. I learned to drive on small, narrow streets, as well as highway driving. Parking today is muchContinue reading “The Tar Stain”

Don’t look at it!

I was 4, and we drove on my first trip to Florida from Pennsylvania for a week of vacation. Grandpa and my Dad were in the front seat, and my Mom, Grandma, and I were in the back seat. I vividly remember riding about 10 minutes one snowy morning, and I was already wondering ifContinue reading “Don’t look at it!”

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