The Valentine’s Box

Decorating a Valentines Day box from an old shoebox was one of my favorite things as I was in elementary school. I would use red construction paper, white lace doilies, tape, glue, and stickers to create just the perfect box. My Mom would cut a slit on the top of the box to put theContinue reading “The Valentine’s Box”

Exceedingly Abundantly

In talking with our oldest daughter on a facetime call a couple of weeks ago, she reminded me of a verse that I hadn’t pondered on in a while. Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”Continue reading “Exceedingly Abundantly”

Be Still

The word “casting” seems to be in front of me a lot in the last couple of weeks. Casting a fishing line, cast guilt or blame, casting for a movie or production, an incredibly unexpected cast on my leg! My mind immediately went back to when I was little, and my Grandpa taught me howContinue reading “Be Still”

The Color Red

As a little girl growing up in a small town, my Grandpa was a big part of my life. He owned an Auto Parts Store and a Marine Store in Leechburg, PA, and everybody knew Bus Crookshank. When I think back on those days of stopping into his store with my mother, the smell ofContinue reading “The Color Red”

The Tar Stain

In 1969, I was 16 years old, and I finally made it into the driving community. It took hard work, a driver’s education class at school, and my parents taking me out almost every day to practice driving. I learned to drive on small, narrow streets, as well as highway driving. Parking today is muchContinue reading “The Tar Stain”

A Home for Grace

A few weeks ago, we were laughing at a Facebook post that our daughter, Amanda, posted about one of her twin 7 year olds, Izzy. It went like this: Izzy: “What’s your name?” Amanda : “Mommy” Izzy: “No, your other name, what other people call you.” Amanda: “Other people?” Izzy: “Yeah, ya know the otherContinue reading “A Home for Grace”


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