What Day Is It?

As the pandemic has stretched from days, to weeks, and then to months, I’ve realized that sometimes I don’t even know what day it is! The calendar is not something that I’ve checked every day, my reminders have been cancelled on my phone. Nothing is on the calendar. Each day is the same. As aContinue reading “What Day Is It?”

The Tilt-A-Whirl

My favorite thing occurred for a week at the beginning of June every year, as I was growing up. The Firemen’s Annual Carnival! Oh my, there was so many trucks that would pull into Leechburg, Pennsylvania hauling trailers with rides that had to be constructed, food vendors would come from all over, there were manyContinue reading “The Tilt-A-Whirl”


One of my fondest memories of growing up, going to our family’s camp along the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania, is the quiet time I got to spend with my Grandpa. We used to go on walks through the woods, jump over little streams (sometimes I missed because my legs were short), watch quietly forContinue reading “Ripples”

The Magnifying Glass

Going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the weekends was something I treasured as a child. They only lived a couple of miles away, but their property was comprised of hills, lots of grass, a fishpond in the backyard fed by a natural spring of cool water, a rock garden tended to by myContinue reading “The Magnifying Glass”

Stay in the Lines

As a young girl with red, curly hair, I would hold my mother’s hand as we walked down the street. My little legs would scramble twice as fast because my stride was shorter than hers. In my effort to avoid cracks in the sidewalk, our arms would be stretched out as I scampered and dodgedContinue reading “Stay in the Lines”

Stop, Look, Listen!

I’ve come across the words Stop, Look, Listen! a couple of times this week. This phrase takes me back to a simpler time, when I was very small, and I can still hear my Mother saying those words to me at the corner of our street, because she loved me and wanted to protect meContinue reading “Stop, Look, Listen!”

Feeling Alive!

We walked through the Easter experience apart, but yet together. We are in the pandemic, and everything has changed. We wear masks to go out, we stay at home, but we’ve discovered how to be together, apart. We have church and mingle in our spirits with our church families by zoom or facebook. Everyone wasContinue reading “Feeling Alive!”


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